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‘the head-heart connection: Transformative Workshop on Aligning Head and Heart through Mindsetting Methods’

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in our workshop, “The Head Heart Connection” This  experience is designed to explore the intricate interplay between beliefs and emotions, fostering a profound connection between the logical mind and the compassionate heart. By delving into mindsetting methods, participants will gain insights into recognizing and altering their beliefs and emotions, creating a more harmonious balance that can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.

Key highlights:

  1. Understanding the Interconnection: Uncover the dynamic relationship between your thoughts and emotions. Through interactive sessions, participants will explore the impact of beliefs on emotional responses and vice versa, gaining a deeper understanding of the mind-heart connection.
  2. Mindsetting Techniques: Learn practical and effective mindsetting methods to reshape and reframe your beliefs. Expert facilitators will guide participants through exercises aimed at transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones, fostering positive emotional responses.
  3. Heart-Centered Practices: Cultivate emotional intelligence and empathy by integrating heart-centered practices. Through mindfulness activities and reflective exercises, participants will learn to listen to their hearts, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness and compassion.
  4. Recognition and Alteration: Develop the skills to recognize patterns of thought and emotional responses. By honing the ability to identify and understand these patterns, participants will be equipped to make more conscious choices that lead to positive alterations in their beliefs and emotions.
  5. Creating Lasting Change: Discover strategies to implement lasting changes in your mindset. The workshop will provide practical tools for ongoing self-reflection and growth, empowering participants to continue their transformative journey beyond the workshop setting.

    Join us for “The Head Heart Connection” and unlock the potential for profound personal change. This workshop is suitable for individuals seeking to align their head and heart, fostering a more harmonious and fulfilling life. Embrace the power of mindsetting methods and embark on a transformative path towards recognition and alteration.

Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 October 2024. Daily from 9.30am – 5pm.

Contact hours: 12


The price for this two-day workshop is €196,40 (VAT included).


This workshop takes place entirely at AgapeBelgium in Koolskamp, Belgium (near Bruges).


No catering is provided during this workshop. Please bring your own packed lunch.


This training is offered in English. The work itself is done in the native language.

gerd brandt

Qualification of Master “Wonderwerk” (since 2019)

Training in “Wonderwork” through one-on-one settings with the inventor of the method, Samuel Cremer (since 2014)

Psychotherapy practitioner, rated by the Husum Health Department of Germany, Dr. Petersen (2011 – 2014)

Training in “Integrative Psychotherapy”, HPA (Heilpraktiker Akademie Deutschland) and Educational Institute for Psychotherapy, Dirk Schippel, Lübeck in the following methods:
– Gestalt therapy (F. Perls)
– Client-centered therapy (C. Rogers)
– Mindfulness and relaxation exercises
– Psychotherapy based on depth psychology
– Psychodrama
– System therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Freelancer as an experiential teacher and storyteller. Eventer of (family) holiday camps and class outings.

Participant and part education in ceremonial practices of Native American First Nations such as sweat lodge, tipi meeting, vision quest, pipe ceremony, sundance and yuwipi.

studies social and cultural anthropology and educational sciences, University of Heidelberg, Germany and University of Lund, Sweden

workshop head-heart connection

October 12 & 13 2024

196,40€ (VAT inc)