bondingtherapy in bodyoriented psychotherapy

TRAINING fOR PROFESSIONALS – circle work and affirmation work

This intensive training in Bonding Therapy is exclusively for people who are professionally involved in body-oriented psychotherapy.

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Working in Bonding, to experience the work of bonding psychotherapy.

It is an emotional and relational focused therapy, which involves body activation in group sessions. It is about: emotional attunement, attachment, needs, with a focus on growth of pleasure and consistency  in life.

The framework of bonding psychotherapy is the work on the matress and the work in circle, affirmations work.

First focus during this workshop is to experience bonding psychotherapy by yourself. Followed by sharing your experiences to attune to the theory about bonding process.

It is an opportunity to work for yourself, to make yourself free of emotions which are stuck in your body, to get insight of yourself.

  • the history about Bonding for professionals
  • the 4 levels of emotional expression
  • the triangular man
  • attitudes and attitude change
  • the work on attitudes: clinical example
  • before and after BP group


Saturday April 27th from 9.30am – 5pm

Contact hours: 9


€133,10 (VAT included)

Max 12 participants


This series will take place at AgapeBelgium in Koolskamp.


No catering is provided during this training. So please bring your own packed lunch. Coffee, tea and water are available free of charge. There is a spacious refrigerator where you can store your packed lunch.


This training is offered in English. The work itself is done in mother language.

lorenzo brocchini

Lorenzo Brocchini, from Italy

Clinical psychologist, Individual and Group Analytical Psychotherapist “New Clinic New Settings”,
Teaching Fellow of the International Society of Bonding Psychotherapy,
Trained in E.C.R.O Concept (Social Psychology),
Head of Clinical and Training Area – Associazione Nazionale Dipendenze Tecnologiche, GAP e Cyberbullismo – Italian Association of Digital Addiction, Ludomania and Cybermobbing,
Councilor of the Order of Psychologists of the Marche Region.
He has gained twenty years of experience in the coordination of therapeutic community services for pathological addictions, including dual diagnoses, developing complex paths with their families.
He currently carries out therapeutic work with people, couples and groups; carries out supervision for educational and multi-professional teams; organizes Human Growth courses with the Diocese of Senigallia in collaboration with the Youth and Family Ministry.

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training for professionals

April 27th 2024

€133,10 (VAT incl.)