‘working in bonding’ for professionals

This intensive training in Bonding Therapy is exclusively for people who are professionally involved in body-oriented psychotherapy. This series is therefore not accessible to participants in the therapeutic series Binding by Bonding.

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Working in Bonding, to experience the work of bonding psychotherapy.

It is an emotional and relational focused therapy, which involves body activation in group sessions. It is about: emotional attunement, attachment, needs, with a focus on growth of pleasure and consistency  in life.

The framework of bondings pcychotherapy is the work on the matress and the work in circle, affirmations work.

First focus during this workshop is to experience bonding psychotherapy by yourself. Followed by sharing your experiences to attune to the theory about bonding process.

It is an opportunity to work for yourself, to make yourself free of emotions which are stuck in your body, to get insight of yourself.


Thursday 19 October 10am – 6pm

Theoretical introduction (1 hour)

Origin of the BP-method
Point of contact and differences with attachment theory
Emotions, emotional attunement in life and emotional work in BP

Experience of Bonding Process I
Introduction of the participants
Session of Expressive Movement
Bonding work in pairs on the mattress
Work in a circle on attitudes
Work in a circle of reworking

Friday 20 October 10am – 6pm

Experience of Bonding Process II

Session of Expressive Movement
Bonding work in pairs on the mattress
Work in a circle on attitudes
Work in a circle of reworking

Saturday 21 October 9am – 1 pm

Some Theoretical Hints on BP

Implicit memory and right brain theory
What’s old and what’s new in BP
Typologies of BP groups
Phases of a BP group
Zoom on: Expressive movement and activation excercises
Mat work: clinical example
Attitudes and attitude change
The work on attitudes: clinical example
Before and after BP group

possible participants
  • People from the psychosomatic medicines group (lecture and workshop in april 2020)
  • Students from AgapeBelgium, but who are not in the current group series “binding door bonding”
  • For those who are professionally involved in body-oriented therapy. (In other words, those who are in therapy with the professionals participating in the workshop cannot join this workshop).

Thursday 19th of October 10.00 – 18.00
Friday 20th of October 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday 21st of October 09.00 – 12.30 / 13.00

Contact hours: 18


€363 (incl. VAT) – Foreign students can apply for a VAT shift

Number of participants: 16 maximum


This series will take place in its entirety at AgapeBelgium in Koolskamp.


Possible to stay (in shared room) at the centre during the workshop
2 nights
2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner
Price for the accommodation costs (accommodation + catering): 175.95 euros including VAT


This training is offered in English. The work itself is done in mother language.

lorenzo brocchini

Lorenzo Brocchini, from Italy
Clinical psychologist – registered in the Register of Psychologists of the Marche Region under no. 2425
Clinical and Training Area Manager – National Ass. Technological Addiction – Di.Te.
Councilor of the Order of Psychologists of the Marches
In training as a psychotherapist at the School of Analytical Group Psychotherapy  “Nuova ClinicaNuovi Setting”
Teaching Fellow ISBP

bonding in body-oriented psychotherapy
training for professionals

19 – 20 – 21 October 2023

€363 (incl. BTW)