workshop ‘the magic of release’

Welcome to the workshop “the magic of release”!

During this weekend we pay attention to everyone who wants to release inner shadows and energy-consuming patterns in order to experience relaxation, inner peace and emotional freedom again. The workshop is led by Gerd Brandt (D). As a therapist, he has built up great expertise in working with people. His approach consists of exercises that give space to both the way we think (about ourselves) and how we subsequently feel and connect with others.

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In a safe and supportive environment, Gerd wishes to take you to this place where you can experience how special you really are. He works with embodied imagination techniques that also nuance and give space to our ideas about ourselves. Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety or other emotional challenges, this workshop will help you change old patterns and increase your self-reliance.

You will be able to share your own experiences and challenges and to learn from other participants. Many practical exercises and sharing rounds will confirm what you have experienced.

Gert Brandt’s mentor, Samuel Cremer, will join us online for a while and support the workshop.

At the end of the workshop you will feel lighter, more relaxed and more confident. You also have a set of tools to continue practicing what you have learned, to navigate your life’s journey. The intention is that we can regulate our emotions and experiences more easily and this in a simple and effective way.


The work of Samuel Cremer is increasingly used in Germany as a special – at least supporting – technique in therapy and coaching work. Because the method is simple and quickly has a tangible effect.

The approach, which some participants describe as a miracle, offers many possibilities, e.g.

A belief (e.g. “I’m not good enough” or “I have to do everything alone”)
A worry, fear, or anxiety (example: “This is going to go wrong”)
feelings of loneliness
A desire (e.g. “I need the right partner”)
A reproach (e.g. “He was never there for me”)
A sense of guilt (e.g. “That was only my fault”)
An unpleasant memory (e.g. “that was bad”)
A judgment (e.g. “Politicians are liars”)
A disgrace (e.g. “I’m wrong”)
Feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness (e.g. “I can’t change anything”)
Sadness (e.g. “She’s never coming back”)
An expectation (e.g. “I have to be popular”)
Or some other annoying feeling
can change without drama and noticeably.

It is not reality that is changed, but the inner emotional response to circumstances and situations.


Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2023. Daily from 9.30am – 5pm

Contact hours: 18


The price for this 2day workshop is €169,40 (incl. BTW).

Number of participants: 16 maximum


This series will take place in its entirety at AgapeBelgium in Koolskamp, Belgium (near Bruges).


No catering is provided during this workshop. Please bring your own packed lunch.
If you wish to spend the night in the center (dormitory), this is possible. Price per night: €25 (incl. VAT). Please indicate this when registering.


This training is offered in English. The work itself is done in mother language.

gerd brandt

  • Qualification of „Miracle Work“ Master (since 2019)
  • Education in „Miracle Work“ by one to one settings with the inventer of the method, Samuel Cremer (since 2014)
  • Psychotherapy practitioner, reviewed by the Husum Health Department of Germany, Dr. Petersen (2011 – 2014)
  • Education in „Integrative Psychotherapie“ , HPA (Heilpraktiker Akademie Deutschland) and educational insitut for psychotherapie, Dirk Schippel, Lübeck in following methods:
    – Gestalttherapy (F. Perls)
    – Client-Centered therapy (C. Rogers)
    – Mindfulness- and relaxationpractices
    – Psychotherapy based on depth psychology
    – Psychodrama
    – Systemic therapy
    – Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Freelancer as experiantial educator and storyteller. Eventer of (family-)vacation-camps and class trips.
  • Participant and in parts education in ceremonial practices of native american first nations like sweatlodge, tipimeeting, visionquest, pipeceremonie, sundance and yuwipi.
  • studies of social and cultural anthropology and educational sciences, university of Heidelberg, Germany and university of Lund, Schweden

the magic of release

14 – 15 October 2023

169,40€ (incl. BTW)